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High visibility rainwear

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From day 11th.06.2017, Hangzhou will be go into rainy season, each year, in the middle of year, Hangzhou will have a period we called “rainy season” which will last at last half month. At the same time, it is time to eat “red bay“ which in Chinese called “yangmei” with same accent to “rain”,so we call it rainy season. For this year, it will last to early July.

Today, in the morning, when you get up, all the ground is wet and rainy, on the way to the office, and you can see it is traffic jam again; you can see lots of traffic jam in Hangzhou every day, especially in rainy day. So you have to get up earlier than before in order to get office in time.

During the rain, you can see the traffic police who stand in the rain without any umbrella to adjust the traffic both for the cars and people, they wore high visibility raincoat, include high visibility rain jackets and high visibility rain pants our side of their uniform. High visibility rainwear, made of 300D oxford or 150D waterproof fabric, in fluorescent yellow or orange color, with reflective tape on the garment, keep you dry from inside. And also make you to be seen in far away. Keep you in a safety position.

Chinastars not even export high visibility safety clothing to US or Europe county, we also supply good quality high visibility safety clothing to local market, we have establish business with government like police, city road, city cleaners and also each school.

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