Police paste reflective tape for agricultural vehicles

[ Click:2977 ]    [ by Wendy, CHINASTARS  Apr 26, 2017 ]

Recently, Susong county’s police into the rural areas to learn Lei Feng volunteer service spirit, they along the deep dam township roads of village to paste reflective tape for agricultural vehicles for free.

In some rural areas, most agricultural vehicles, tricycles are not repair the malfunction when taillights fault occurs, and then when they are driving at night, it’s easy to cause an accident. To eliminate safety concerns, volunteer service of reflective vest into rural for many times, promote agricultural vehicles, tricycles, electric vehicles and hand out the reflective stickers, supervise and urge the villagers paste in a timely manner. Volunteer service at the village set up temporary paste point, to examine the past agricultural tricycle of the reflective logo and help them to paste the reflective tape with glossy veneer. At the same time, they also extensive publicity and teach the villagers to know traffic signs marking.

Traffic policemen wear safety vest paste the reflective tape for more than 60 total cars, distributing more than 800 copies promotional materials. The goal is to make the villagers know the role of reflective logo, consciously stickup.

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