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Police in safety vest find the 3 travelers trapped in the mountains

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At 6pm on January 10, Jiangmen city Public Security Bureau received an alarm from a traveler named Mr.Huang, he said that he and his two friends lost the way in Yamen Town when they are hiking. After received the alarm, Chen Ming, the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Jiangmen city, takes reflective vest and rushed to the scene to command. The branch of the on duty leader led the special police brigade, fire brigade and other departments together with the emergency team of Yamen Town, more than 100 people into the mountains search and rescue.

As the mobile network is poor in forest, the trapped travelers’ mobile phone can not maintain a call with long time, and also failed to explain the trapped location clearly, the police can only infer the approximate location. In order to find the trapped people as soon as possible, to avoid the trapped people are attacked by the pigs, mosquitoes and other wild animals in the mountain forests. Three search groups are searching the mountain forests at the same time. To 23:25, police in vest with reflective tape finally find Mr. Huang and other two travelers. After a medical examination, one of the traveler’s foots have a slight abrasions, other travelers’ spirit condition is good. Until 2am on the January 11th, the police successfully transferred the travelers to a safe area.

Police remind the public do not get into the mountains for hiking if there is no preparation. Travelers need to take reflective safety vest. In case of danger, call 110 please.

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