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Police hand out safety vest for Safety propaganda

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  Recently, Binzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade held an activity and "Social cooperative governance security civilized travel" as its theme, the production of 40 000 fluorescent clothing with reflective tape printed with the words "compliance safe travel", and printing 50,000 paintings copies to promote safety education. These reflective vests are hand out in 12 towns, four priority Transport Company, more than 20 business premises, densely populated farmers markets and department stores.


  "Give me one, I need to go to the market to work at midnight", "traffic police comrades, give me one more vest, my mother helped me to pick up the child to school every day, as her requirements, to wear on reflective vest will be relieved " when issuing reflective vests, police surrounded the masses tightly.


  "Do not rush, do not worry, there are many vests, it’s enough for you. These reflective vests are very striking, it will light up especially at night, the vehicle will notice from a distance, we hit the road, and we must comply with traffic regulations, safe travel ah!" Police issued reflective vests on the one hand, while on the advice motorists while driving to comply with traffic regulations, road of civilization, safe travel.


  Meanwhile, the police have issued a propaganda calendar, in-depth information security basics civilized travel, to develop good driving habits, and jointly create a civilized, safe and smooth traffic environment. The people in bazaar actively and enthusiastically asked masses of traffic safety issues they care about, the police have given patiently detailed explanation, only a morning time, traffic police release of 40000 fluorescent safety vests.

  This event improve traffic safety consciousness of the masses with effectively, it got widely praised by the masses.

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