Please throw trash to trash can

[ Click:2440 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  May 3, 2016 ]

Every morning, when most people were still in bed, they have been working on the road. Every day at noon when a lot of people ready to eat lunch, they are still on the road Scavenging refuse. Every night when people after work, they still keep working. From morning until night, you often see wearing a reflective vest sanitation workers on the streets busy. So long sweeping the ground garbage, because off less trash can? Or pedestrians littering? Reporters took to the streets to interview sanitation workers wear orange reflective vests.

  APR.25 afternoon, reporters see the sanitation workers Mr.Li on the Shengli Road. He wears a hat with reflective tape, a scarf around the outside of the hat, wearing a yellow safety vest. Road vehicle exhaust and dusty, armed in order to better protect themselves. Find the plastic bags on the pavement, he look around, determined before the arrival of the vehicle ran over and walked quickly to pick up plastic bags. He said it was thrown from a motor vehicle, because he just purged the roadside.

  See the sanitation workers risk their lives, and efforts to protect the environmental health of the city, we must make action. Get rid of the habit of throw things, put them in right place.

reflective vest


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