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Reflective printing fabric and heat transfer film

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With one year developed, reflective printing fabric for out shell is much more popular compare to year 2016. The most popular pattern is the one like below. Below fabric to be used on below reflective jacket is: waterproof fabric coated with fleece inside then with reflective printing coated on surface. In this case, with fleece inside, it keep you warm in winter. When you are jogging outside, it can keep you warm and safety at the same time on the road. We have several patterns to be chosen for reflective printing, if you need the pattern, please feel free to contact us.

At same time, we have another new technology, it is reflective heat transfer printing. For this technology, you do not need to supply backing fabric to our factory for coating, just like reflective heat transfer film, you purchase reflective heat transfer film from our company , you can heat applied the logo on your backing fabric, in this case, with same function as reflective printing. But much more convenient and much more cheaper compare to reflective printing.

If you are interested in reflective printed fabric or reflective printing heat transfer film, please feel free to contact us any time.

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