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Paralyzed Cyclist Calls for wearing safety clothing when cycling

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A woman named Jennifer calls for wearing reflective material clothing when cycling or nigh running or night walking on the Facebook and LinkedIn. She shares her story and why she becomes paralyzed and her actions have attracted the attention of the net friends.

Three years ago, Jennifer Smiths was terribly hit by a truck when she went out riding bikes. And she was in the holiday for three months. Thanks god, she saved her life but unfortunately the wreck left Smith partially paralyzed. She regretted not do the right thing, not wearing a reflective safety vest. The driver who hit her cannot see her clearly in that dark night. From then on, she kept talking to her friends that never forget to do the right thing when cycling, that is, had our helmets on, we had our reflective vests on, and we had our lights on etc. But last week, when she was driving on Research Park and saw a bicyclist in the left lane, wearing black clothing and no helmet with no lights. And apparently the cyclist hasn't realized it. But these similar cases always happen. It was very frustrating.

Therefore she decided to share her story on public and try to urge bicyclists and runners to wear helmets, lights, reflective vests or anything to make sure you are seen if you decide to go for a ride.

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