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Night riding with reflective clothing

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As we all know, summer day is very hot, especially the day with sun shining. Therefore, many people will choose to come out to ride, run or go to other exercise at night. But if you choose to go to exercise in the evening, it will be better to wear a safety cloth was made of reflective fabric. It can enhance the visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

   In recent years, as the popularization of low-carbon environmental concepts, the exercise way of ride is more and more popular. Mr.Xie is a riding enthusiasts, she said that the night ride will be increasing on the summer season peak. In addition to weather factors, there are more and more people choose cycling to be an exercise way in our city in recent years. "Everyone likes this healthy movement; the numbers of enthusiasts are increasing during the day and night. Riding a bike, then go back and take a bath, sleep quality is better than before."

Although there are many benefits of night riding, there are also some risks. The light is dimly at night, people's vision is limited, even with a flashlight, and the line of sight has also been limited. So night riding must be equipped with good riding tools. "Reflective vest, helmets, windlasses, gloves, knee pads and other protective equipment cannot be less, it is important to protect the body line of defense."

When you are going out to night riding for exercise with friends, please take more care for safety. It’s better to wear the safety clothes with reflective tape if possible, it can enhance your visibility and make you to be seen by other drivers, keep you and your friends be safer.

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