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New reflective vest is more handsome and secure

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Recently, some people found the traffic police's uniforms has changed, the color is very conspicuous, style is also very fashion.

In order to protect the safety of the traffic police on duty at night and survey the scene of the accident, the traffic police brigade purchase a number of new reflective vest, issued to road police on duty.

The former "yellow vest" will be substituted with the new black mesh safety vest. This reflective vest has farther visual distance, not only protect the safety of the traffic police from the maximum extent possible, but also windproof and rainproof, even in the scorching summer, using a grid design also feels very cool.

The new reflective vest compared to the original, reflective tape are wider than before, the visual distance of 500 meters during the day, at night up to 300 meters, higher safety factor inspections at night. The difference is the material is black mesh fabric, they are resistance soiling and breathable, police wear this reflective vest, not only practicality become strong, but also police are more spiritual.

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