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New Traffic Rules in Chile

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As many safety suppliers know, Chile has just issued a traffic law that each car drivers must equip a safety vest since 1st Jan 2016. People who haven’t got a safety in their traffic vehicle will be fined at least 0.2 UTM. As a result, it has caused a heated discussion among the wholesale market.

According to 2014 INE's statistical data, the number of the traffic vehicle is up to 4168980. Now they have a huge market for the reflective vests. And the law requires three designs. One is vest with one horizontal and two vertical; one is vest with two horizontal and the last one is two horizontal and two vertical. All of these designs must be fluorescent yellow color and meet the EN20471 class 2 standards. People can change the designs based on them´╝îsuch as changing the hook and loop fastener into zipper, adding pockets on the vest or printing company logos on the vest etc

It is great to see that more and more governments have already realized the importance of wearing high visibility clothing and take effective measures to urge people to obey it. We, safety suppliers should try our best to supply good quality low price safety clothing.

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