New Outdoor Reflective Fabric

[ Click:1969 ]    [ by Mia, CHINASTARS  Mar 21, 2018 ]

With the development of science and technology, reflective material is no longer only used in PPE field, but also widely used in outdoor sports and fashion field. Chinastars follow this trend closely and have developed some hot sale new reflective fabric.

In the past, safety clothing were generally uncomfortable and not particularly fashionable, staff today are fairly willing to show themselves in public wearing this clothing. Thanks to the development of high-tech clothing in the sports and outdoor sectors people no longer have to deprive themselves of top design and optimum performance. This was also confirmed by the over 200 Corporate Fashion exhibitors and rounded off by newly designed fashion shows. At the A+A trade fair, we found lots of customers are very interested in our pattern reflective printing fabric. Now Chinastars have developed 17 designs and can do the pattern reflective printing on customized fabric! What's more, we can also accept customized pattern reflective printing.

If you are very interested in it, you can all our sales team to get some free reflective fabric sample and try to make some sample reflective clothing. I am sure that you will like it!


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