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New Fire Equipment - Reflective Fire Hose

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Reflective fire hose is having a reflective effect; the principle is to use reflective tape to ordinary fire hose. The process is sewing the reflective material with the whole outer braid together; the vantage is not aging and shedding, easy operation at night and dark places.

Fire equipment configuration, the configuration of the fire hose is one of the most basic considerations. In a number of fire and rescue process, people will find in the daytime or the light is bright, the fire hose is easier to see, and evacuee or firefighter will not stumble so as to obstruct escape. However, when at night or in poor light environments, such as power outages fire inside the building, due to the urgency of the situation, it is difficult to see the location of fire hose,

It is easily to be tripped, is not conducive to escape and rescue. But if the water belt with reflective material, in the fire and rescue process, the water belt not only help to put out the fire, but also serving the role of guidelines and escape.

The current market has a lot of fire units in the use of reflective fire hose, and reflects well. We hope that in addition to fire units, many other units need to install fire-fighting equipment, including factories, shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, can recognize that reflective fire hose can give firemen and the evacuee more convenience and security.

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