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Make pedestrians more visible to motorists

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To prevent traffic accidents, especially with children in the "dark season", it is important to make pedestrians and cyclists more visible.

Safety vests with reflective tape, reflective armbands, and footbands, headlamps or reflective material for sewing or sticking: they are all suitable - in conjunction with the correct behavior - to prevent road accidents. Especially in the cold season, when it gets dark in the beginning, poor visibility is a problem. Along with the main causes of excessive speed and distraction, this results in a dangerous mix.

Many dangerous situations and accidents can be avoided if schoolchildren, pedestrians, and cyclists are more visible to motorists. Just wearing a safety vest would increase the visibility from 30 to about 150 meters. Especially important in connection with children here is the role model effect: So parents and adults should lead the little ones by example when it comes to the use of these materials.

After Halloween is also becoming more popular, you can see in the night of 31.10. to the 1.11. Here, many disguised figures flit through the darkness. Especially motorists are warned about the dark Halloween children and adolescents. At dusk and in the nighttime darkness these are difficult to see. At night, it is important to be particularly forward-thinking on the road.

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