LED safety vests were sent to sanitation workers

[ Click:3090 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  Jan 25, 2016 ]

Yesterday morning, Jianggan District Hangzhou Public Security Bureau police detachment brigade three squadrons, jianggan district neighborhood offices offer gifts to 70 sanitation workers which worth more than 14,000RMB of LED safety vest, warning cone and body reflective stickers. On the scene, traffic police wear the LED safety vest for sanitation workers, and explaining how to use them. "Sanitation workers work on the night, can easily cause accidents." Three squadron leaders Xu Wei says there these reflective vest can flashing LED lights, passing vehicles can be seen in the distance, increase the safety of sanitation workers in dark job coefficient. They can be seen at dark condition. A yellow piece of reflective tape could reduce the number of night time car accidents at several important intersections in downtown area. Intersections are a place where most accident has happened.

"We feel safety after wearing the reflective vest, very grateful to the traffic police and the office staff." said Liu Jumei who has been engaged in sanitation work for six years.

safety vest


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