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Keep the “Left-behind children” more safe

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 The“Left-behind children”is a very sensitive word in China village. The children left by their parent with grandparents and could get together few days per year. The meaning of the “Left-behind children” is a thought and guilt to their children in the village.

Now the government dispatched police to teach the children road safety knowledge. This activity will bring these kids free reflective clothing and teach them to recognize traffic signs.

  The problem of children left behind is plagued for a long time. This problem caused by following points: First, the low quality of daily life, family in village has to bear heavy burden. Secondly, academic hardship increased. Thirdly, more children will have withdrawn and autistic. Fourth, security risks increased. It should take a long time to solve these problems. Various departments of government joint to overcome and avoid this challenge. Police pass more safety knowledge to these children, or send them safety vest so they can wear it to school, it can reduce accidents. But the real wish for these children is live together with their parents, hope the parents will back to their country frequently.

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