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Keep children safety at new School year

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Vacation is always past away quickly and the kids will go back to school afternoon vacation. As the new school year begins, not only the reflective vest for children, parents should also keep these safety tips in mind, helping kids have a safe school year.

1. Teach students the proper way to walk to bus stops and school with safety. Use crosswalks and base the traffic rules. Parents should make sure you know which way your kids to school, walking or biking? Always walk with a sibling or friends from your neighborhood, don’t go walk alone.

2. If a stranger offers you a ride to school, should be refuse. Never take a ride from somebody that your parents don’t know.

3. Teach children to be aware at school bus stops.

4. Make sure that children wear yellow safety vest and know to look left-right-left again before crossing a street.

5. Don’t load or unload children across the street from the school. This encourages them to jaywalk and they may dart across the street in front of an oncoming vehicle. It’s very dangerous.

6. Slow down when driving past bicycles and give them an enough space.

7. Children need to wear helmets whenever they are using anything with wheels.

8. Add reflective tape on backpacks, bicycles, helmets, etc. or hang a reflective pendant, wear bright colors clothing to be more visible to drivers.

9. If a car seems to be following you, run to a neighbor’s house or call police.

10. Don’t double park, it block visibility for other children and vehicle.

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