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Keep a safety vest in your car

[ Click : 2917 ] [ By Coco Lin ]

According to the survey, there are many traffic accidents happened all over the world. Many people died of the traffic accidents when they are on the road, especially on the rainy day or at night. People can’t be seen easily without reflective tape when the light is dimly.

People always have a safety vest in their car in the foreign. But in China, many people have not any safety clothes in their car. For one reason, people always thought that it’s unnecessary to save a reflective vest in the car. We will not wear it at all in usual. For the other hand, keep a safety vest in the car is not a thing with coerciveness; so many people will not save it.

Most of the time, only the police and the workers will wear the safety vest at work time. People will not wear it when they running for exercise at night or early morning. Actually, exercise people more needed to wear a reflective vest or take reflective armbands to enhance their visibility. Because people in car can’t see very clear if you run on the road wear a black cloth.

Sometimes, the car will have some problem when we are driving on the road. So people need to get off car to check the car is ok or not. It’s very dangerous if you stop the car on the road without any reflective things because the other car’s speed is fast. It will be easily to cause accident if the other driver can’t see you clearly. Just in case, I advise that people should have a reflective vest in car to make you safer.

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