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Industrial washing reflective film and tape

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According to the requirement, more and more field and clients will ask for industrial washing (EN ISO 15797) reflective tape to be used on high visibility workwear, especially in Europe market.

After around one year developing and test, Chinastars have 2 new items recently. One is industrial washing reflective heat transfer film (item no.: CSR4600), the other one is industrial washing reflective tape (item no: CSR-1360-6) with TC backing, silver color. For TC backing industrial washing tape, we have submitted sample to SGS for test, it can meet: 25 cycles washing at ISO15797:2002; Table 4: 85 degrees; tumble dry low.

We have arrange some samples both industrial washing reflective heat transfer film and industrial washing reflective tape to our high visibility workwear clients in Europe for approval.

If you need any reflective fabric sample for your approval, please feel free to contact us.

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