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Importance of reflective material to children

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Every parent hopes their child could learn happily at school and then back home safely. But according to relevant data, it shows that most of the traffic accident for primary and secondary students was happened during their way to school and back home. It is not a small probability in all kinds of traffic accidents happened in the country. Most of the reason is that the driver can't notice the children on the way from a distance or it is too urgent to take action when they notice the children. On the other hand, almost of the children are not wearing safety vest when they go home at night.

In this case, school uniform and backpack with reflective tape is very necessary for children's safety. Reflective tape could enhance the visibility of children especially at night or the dark environment.

The school and parents should not only teach children about the knowledge of safety, but also prepare garments & accessories with reflective material for them.

Chinastars manufacture all kinds of reflective material for garments & accessories, such as reflective tape, reflective piping, and reflective webbing, reflective label, reflective printing and so on. We hope every child could go back home safely and every family can enjoy every beautiful day. If you need it, please feel free to contact us:

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