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Importance of adhesive for reflective fabric

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Reflective fabric is widely used for transportation, security, outdoors, sport industries etc. as safety material. Reflective fabric could reflect lights in dark and the drivers could notice and avoid accident. The better of reflection of reflective fabric, the longer distance the driver could notice. So how to produce high reflection reflective fabric is the main problem that the technician works on.

While the reflective fabric is used for garments, it also requires durable washing, abrasion, waterproof etc. The adhesive is the most important factor of quality.

There are many kinds of adhesive and different kinds of adhesive have their advantage and disadvantage. It is very important to choose a suitable kind of adhesive, below are some rules to choose the right adhesive.

  1. The adhesive should be soft and stretchable. The reflective fabric is used for garments and it requires comfort feeling when dressed.
  2. The adhesive should be strong enough to hold the glass beads firmly during washing, abrasion etc..
  3. The transparency of the adhesive should be high. If the adhesive is not transparency, the reflect light can’t go smoothly and the reflection can’t be good enough.

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