How to deal with the fog and haze weather

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With the coming of winter, the air quality becomes alarming again. The particulate matter pervades in the air and makes the visibility low. Health and safety of citizen become the most concern topic recently. So how should we deal with the fog and haze weather? There are several advises: Avoid outdoor activities, Wearing surgical masks, put on reflective vest.


Apparently the most effective way is to avoid outdoor activities. But it seems not feasible. Life goes on and we will need to work or study. Activities are inevitable. The low visibility will make you more dangerous. Then the hi vis vest will be the necessary. The reflective tape will reflect the car light and looks brightly which means you will be seen farther than normal.


We also have reflective pendant which can be put on your bag and your kid’s school bag. It will make you light and combine with safety. If you need more information about the safety vest, please visit our website: and let us know.

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