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How to choose the right FR reflective tape

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Flame retardant reflective tape is widely used on the work wear. According to customers' different applications, we will recommend different products to them. Customers can choose according to the application, certification etc.

CSR-1303-FR reflective tape series with FR treated cotton backing is ideal for working garment in the field of mining, drilling and firefighting etc.

CSR-1303-NM, the aramid backing FR reflective tape is with high flame retardant and heat resistance, high temperature resistance, can be widely used on safety vest or jackets for fire-protection, electrical system in environments where high flame retardant and heat resistance performance are needed.

There are a series of International standards in place to ensure that products are suitable for such applications and conform to certain requirements. Our company products are certified by EN 14116, ASTM F 1506; NFPA 701 etc. Customer can contact the salesman for needed certificates.

If you'd like to know more details about our reflective material and reflective clothing, pls feel free to contact us. 

flame retardant reflective tape

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