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How to choose the reflective tape

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   Retro-reflective tape and prismatic reflective tape are the main two types of reflective materials in the current market. Both of them are reflective and widely used for professional protective garments.
  Then how to choose the reflective tape for your safety vest? What is the advantage and disadvantage of both these 2 tapes?
  For prismatic reflective tape, it combine reflective together with high visibility, like fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, white color etc..Also its reflection is higher than retro-reflective tape, it could reach 1000CPL, while retro reflective could only reach 500CPL.
While the technology of prismatic reflective tape is not as widely used as the retro-reflective tape, almost of all the prismatic reflective tape produced in China are not EN 20471/ ANSI 107 certified.
   For retro-reflective tape, it is fabric base and softer than PVC prismatic reflective tape. Chinastars retro reflective tape are EN 20471, ANSI 107 certified with competitive price.  While retro-reflective tape usually is grey/ silver color, fluorescent color reflection is not very high.
   After above comparison, do you know how to choose the reflective tape now?
   If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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