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How to choose a suitable FR reflective tape

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     Nowadays reflective tape is more and more widely used in all kinds of clothing. You must know how important FR reflective tape to the fire fighter protective clothing is. Chinastars has both cotton treated FR reflective tape and Aramid FR reflective. Which one is better and what is the difference between them?

     Cotton treated FR reflective tape is easy to understand. It is the reflective tape make from FR treated reflective fabric. The advantage is cheap but the FR feature will be affected by washing cycles. The more often it is washed the worse FR feature will be. However Aramid FR tape has better FR feature. Aramid is a FR material itself. That's why we called it Permanent FR tape. Of course the disadvantage is higher costed.

   So it is better to evaluate the FR reflective tape before you purchase them. If they are applied to the fire fighter protective clothing. Arimad tape is obligated. But if only applied to the arc preventive products. Normal FR tape will be more suitable.

FR reflective tape

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