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How to become more visible on the road

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A pedestrian can only walk on the road outside the village at night with a reflective element, which can be of several types.

Recall that, according to the rules of the road, when crossing the road, as well as when driving along the side of the road at night outside the settlement, a pedestrian must have reflective elements with him. If you are driving along the edge of the track, the reflective element should be placed on the right, whether it be shoulder, arm, or leg, so that the driver understands how much space you are occupying. Moving at night on the roadway is possible only towards the flow of cars.

Reflective rating:

1. Reflective vest/ jacket made of reflective fabric - 200 meters

2. Bag made of reflective material - 100 meters

3. Reflective laces - 100 meters

4. Toy made of reflective material - about 80 meters

5. Reflective keychain - 80 meters

6. Reflective keyring - 50 meters

7. Reflective badge - 20-30 meters

8. Reflective bracelets (attached to the shoulder) - almost invisible

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