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How to apply the reflective fabric for fashion garments

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Reflective fabric is widely used for personal safety industry, especially for the work wear. The reflective fabric for work wear seems dull and far from fashion.

Now Chinastars make the reflective fabric tightly matched with fashion. Then how does Chinastars make it?

1. Soft reflective fabric: the reflective fabric in market is tough and thicker, it feels uncomfortable to wear the reflective fabric on body. Chinastars soft reflective fabric are ultra soft, light-weighted and highly visible, this property makes it a better choice for production of all kinds of reflective safety vests and reflective jackets, where soft hand feeling is highly required.

2. Colored reflective fabric: the standard color of reflective fabric is grey only. Chinastars colored reflective fabrics have various color, such as red, blue, green etc.. It is designed to help enhance the visibility of the wearer in nighttime or low-light conditions while also providing fashionable color options for the product designers

3. Any creative ideas can be done: fashion designs can be created from customized Chinastars reflective tape. Perforating, laser printing and screen printing etc. are all available. Let us create a design that is uniquely yours.

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