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How to Stay Safe When Cycling

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  Riding a bike not only is a great way to get a healthy cardiovascular workout and enjoy fresh air, but also it is a great fun of riding with the family. But traffic accidents always happened between the cyclist and drivers. How to stay safe when cycling? A reflective vest and some safety equipments are very necessary!

  Firstly, check the bike's conditions, make sure that all of the bolts around the handlebars, seat and wheels for tightness. Test your brakes, and fill tires with the appropriate amount of air for the type of riding you plan to do. Secondly , helmets are such a crucial part of bicycle safety that many countries has laws that require youngsters to wear them while riding a bike, due to the risk of brain injury in the event of a fall. Thirdly, if you ride your bike in the dark, reflective clothing are important to ensure visibility, avoid wearing dark colors clothing. A reflective tape applied to the helmet also aids in visibility. Fourthly, obey the traffic rules, never run a red light.

  These cyclist tips are very useful. We should always take the safety into the first consideration! Never forget to equip yourself with necessary reflective materials, such as put some adhesive reflective tape onto the bike to increase the high visibility.

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