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How often do I need to change my reflective clothing

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The safety protection function of reflective clothing has brought us a lot of convenience in life and work. Nowadays, more and more people need to wear reflective clothing, but reflective clothing is not disposable clothing, it can be recycled many times after washing and drying. And if it's not properly maintained, it can quickly become a piece of junk.

So, do you know the right way to clean the reflective clothing? How often does the reflective clothing need to be changed?

Besides wearing the clothes, it is also important to wash and store reflective clothes correctly. The most important thing is to wash clothes by hand. Don’t allow to put into the washing machine or wash with other clothes at the same time. And should soak in warm, reflective tape should avoid its gravity scrub, don’t allow the sun insolates, avoid excessive reflective tape when stored in folding, so in this way, we can use reflective clothes longer.

It is important to note that the reflective stripes on the reflective clothing should not be rubbed with too much force. Because reflective glass beads can easily fall off until it is no reflective effect. When we want to clean the reflective clothes, we can choose to use water and cloth to wipe gently, but not too hard.

When we find the reflective effect of reflective clothing is abate, or disappear, we have to replace new reflective clothing. Suggested replacement time is usually within half a year. In summer, because strong light, high temperature, suggests replacing 1- 3 months time, to ensure the best warning protective effect.

Of course, only maintain the correct cleaning method can make the service life of the reflective clothing increase, so that its reflective protective effect remains strong! When you choose the reflective clothing brand and manufacturer, you should ask the manufacturer for details such as the number of time of washing and matters needing attention, so as to ensure that our products have a higher cost performance.

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