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How does reflective tape works

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Glass beads open type reflective tape is one of the most popular reflective materials. The reflective tapes are widely used for uniform, sportswear to increase the visibility to wearer when at night or at low light condition.

Then how does the reflective tape works? What is the reason the grey tapes could reflect lights and keep safety?

The construction of the reflective tape is 1st layer glass beads, 2nd layer aluminum, 3rd layer is the lamination adhesive, the backing layer is the fabric or heat melt adhesive. The glass beads are transparent and the lights could go through the glass beads. The aluminum is the reflect layer, when lights reach the metal layer, it reflects.

Meantime, the glass beads quality is key important for the reflectivity quality of reflective tape. Chinastars produce glass beads by ourselves to make sure that the key important material is well controlled by ourselves.

We provide full range of reflective tape including reflective TC tape, reflective polyester tape, FR reflective tape, reflective heat transfer tape etc..

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