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How do you stay safe running in the dark

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People who are fed up with the fast food lifestyle and the fast-paced pace of city life are always looking for ways to relieve stress. Urban night running has recently become a new way of life for city people. However, there are huge safety risks in this healthy lifestyle. As it is nighttime activity and mostly solitary activity, night runners are easy targets for criminals. Not only property damage but also life-threatening.

Senior runners who have been organizing night runs for years offer some advice on how to keep them safe. The first is: wear clothing or shoes with reflective tape. Most professional running clothes and running shoes have reflective markers to remind passing vehicles to avoid them. If not, you can buy a reflective vest to cover your body.

Hangzhou Chinastars reflective material co., LTD., as a local manufacturer of reflective products and reflective clothing, made corresponding actions to better guarantee the safety of night runners after learning the news. The company decided to provide a batch of reflective t-shirts, reflective vests, reflective prints and reflective pendants for local night running groups and individuals in Hangzhou. The specific type of gift will depend on the night running team and individual. You can also log on Taobao or Tmall, search "CNSS flagship store", want to consult our online customer service staff, to get their own type of reflective products.

With the craze of outdoor sports, the application field of the reflective vest and reflective T-shirt is also expanded. It is not only necessary for night runners to configure a reflective garment. In our other daily life, reflective clothing is also used more widely. Children, outdoor enthusiasts, cycling enthusiasts, all kinds of construction personnel, traffic police, sanitation and other kinds of special professional people, almost all industries can be, also more and more necessary to provide a reflective vest, only pay more attention to security, get a bigger and better protection, among other reflective may accompany every citizen, meticulous care every citizen's personal safety.

As a leading enterprise in the safety protection industry, we are concerned about the safety of every citizen. A small reflective vest brings not only the safety at night but also the attention of every staff in Chinastars.

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