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High visibility safety T-shirt

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  Since hangzhou been in summer season, all the city are under high temperature since last week, it reached to more than 40 degrees in daytime, if you are working on the road in the afternoon, temperature will reached more than 60 degrees in middle noon. In this case, you have to protect yourself better to avoid being heatstroke.

  You can image how hot the weather is, one person in Hangzhou do test under the sunshine one day, she put a raw steak in a pan with butter, few mins later, the steak was fried and cooked to be eating.

  So in this case, we can introduce one high visibility safety T-shirt which can be worn in summer season. As we know, most of the safety vest should be wore outside of the vest you have, like outside T-shirt, in this case, with 2 layers of the garment, you will be very hot under sunshine.

  If you try our high visibility T-shirt as below style, which is made of 100% polyester wicking mesh fabric, something like cool dry, with reflective tape around body, in this case, you do not need to wear another vest inside, one T-shirt is enough, which can keep you comfortable when you are working or running. The reflective tape on the vest can keep you safety when you are in dark area too. 

 We can make it in orange, yellow or dual color as customized needed, any question, please do not let we know.

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