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High visibility reflective vest for road security

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Carrying a high visibility reflective vest has been mandatory for drivers in France for eight years. The country faced several law proposals aimed at introducing such a requirement for motorcycle and scooter riders for safety.

Safety is the most important thing when people go outside. It doesn't take bravery to ride motorcycle in the city—it takes superior awareness, brains, an eye for potential hazards (not just obvious ones) and very good riding skills. Even if you put all these components together, there's virtually no way to avoid at least a small accident, if not a much more serious one. In addition, safety vest with reflective material can be bought from pretty much anywhere, from convenience stores to supermarkets and gas stations and their cost it negligible.

We get that you like to dress in vintage black leather and denim when you ride your gorgeous café racer, but that's not a smart way to protect your hide from the oblivious driving masses. Wear bright colors or try reflective tape, especially on your helmet and jacket. If you insist on wearing your darker jacket, try a reflective vest over it. This will have you look like a crosswalk guard at an elementary school, but it might just make the difference between life and death.

For you and your families' security, please remember to get a vest with reflective tape before going out. Reflective can avoid you not being seen by the drivers or motorcyclists. Be seen, be safe.

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