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High Visibility Clothing Can Help You Stay Safe

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In a high-risk work environment, having the right safety clothing with reflective tape is essential, and it’s not just about hard hats and sturdy boots. While accessories are important, what you wear on your body can make all the difference in creating a uniform that keeps you safe from head to toe, especially if you work in low-light conditions. Whether you’re in midnight roadway construction or are a member of an emergency response team, high visibility clothing is a must for reducing your risk of injury in the workplace.


The Benefits of High Visibility Clothing

Made with special reflective material, high visibility clothes are designed to stand out in all types of hazardous conditions, ranging from snow storms to fog. Plus, they’re usually equipped with elastic waistbands, water protection, breathable fabric, removable parts and other features meant to keep you dry and comfortable from the beginning of your shift until you’re ready to clock out.


Choosing the Best High Visibility Clothing for You

If you’re new, you should first ask your employer to walk you through the types of personal protective clothing you’re legally obligated to wear out in the field. Once you’re familiar with legal requirements, focus on features that fit your job description. If you’re always outdoors, a safety vest and clothing will give you help, protection from rain is helpful, while wind resistance is more important if you often work high above the ground.

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