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Hangzhou police into the enterprise issuing reflective vest

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Recently, the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade customized 50000 reflective vest, traffic police into region's 38 key enterprises issuing reflective vest, and to carry out road safety publicity and education work. Now reflective fabric have been widely used in our life, it is easy to purchase reflective fabric, reflective tape.

This reflective vests have farther visual distance, not only protect the safety of the employees from the maximum extent possible, but also windproof and rainproof, even in the scorching summer, using a grid design also feel very cool.

The police issued reflective vests to the employees, also publicized road traffic safety laws and regulations, told the workers on the way to work need to comply with traffic regulations. Effectively improve the road traffic safety knowledge. Publicity and education played a good social effect, won the praise of the company employees.

Up to now, it has been sent traffic safety vest nearly 20,000, received by the community.

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