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Gradient color reflective fabric for outdoor

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After successfully developing the soft reflective fabric and rainbow reflective fabric, Chinastars’ research and development department develops a new outshell product called gradient color reflective fabric and it is highly welcomed by our customers in outdoor field now.

These new reflective fabrics combine yellow and grey color. It looks more beautiful and can make the reflective jacket more fresh style and fashion, comparing with our all grey color soft one. Now the maximum width is 140cm and the retro reflective coefficient is around 5 to 10 cpl for the yellow color but it can reach 330cpl for the grey color. So when the light shine on it, you can see different reflective effect also. Our designer suggests using this new reflective fabric as outshell fabric, not just stitching fabric. In this way, the gradient effect will be better.

Chinastars as a leading reflective material manufacturer has always kept a close eye on the market trend and research new reflective material to meet customers’ various demand. If you have a new idea, welcome to share with us. We will try our best to meet your requirements.

   gradient reflective fabric

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