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Get off Work Carefully Since Winter is Coming

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Winter is coming. The general phenomenon that the day becomes shorter and the night becomes longer shows. People living in the north of China can feel it obviously, because the day turns to black faster than before.

In summer, days are bright and we can see clearly the road when we getting off work. But in winter, days are darker. In this condition, we need to pay more attention to our own safety when we coming back home. Some white-collar workers are riding an electric car or bike to work. For them, the reflective vest seems particularly important in the road.

It is well known that the reflective principle of the reflective strip can improve its visibility. With this, we can put the reflective strip ironing/ hot stamping or sewing on some garments or decoration to protect our personal safety.

Some young people pursue fashion, thus resisting reflective clothing. Nowadays, reflective clothing is not like traditional safety vest. It can be used in many fields. Many well-known brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc, have designed many fashion clothing with reflective material. Compared with appearance, life is more important.

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