G20 Summit Hangzhou trailwalker

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Few days ago, President Xi jin ping announced that the 11st G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou on September 4-5, 2016. To celebrate it, Hangzhou government held a green low-carbon environmental protection activity called “trailwalker”. Participants can apply for 3KM, 15KM and 30KM trailwalker according to their physical conditions. Each of them will be equipped with a safety T-shirt, a raincoat, lightweight backpack, etc.

Our company also takes part in this activity and applied for 15KM trailwalker. The weather is not good with low visibility because of the rainy day. Therefore, all of our vest are heat pressed with a reflective logo on it , what’s more, we also wear a reflective tape and hang a reflective toy on our backpack. In this way, we can enhance the high visibility even in bad weather. Some companions are curious by our move, some companions think that we make a fuss, but most of them agree with our move and ask us where to buy it so that they can bring this kind safety gear with them next time.
On the half way, it begins to rain. We had to wear the yellow safety raincoat. But our team finally arrived at the terminus of the 15 km with our perseverance. We are the trailwalker heroes.

reflective T-shirt

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