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From rescue to victim without safety vest

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A car driver was hit by a van when he was trying to rescue a deer that is terrible injured in an accident. Unfortunately, he was dead on the way to the hospital. The van driver didn't see him because the car driver hasn't worn a protective safety vest. It is very hard for the drivers to see the surroundings clearly in the rainy day.

That is why more and more countries have issued laws to require the drivers to equip a yellow or orange reflective vest in their car, truck, van etc. In case of some emergency things and the car drivers need leave their car for helping etc. The bright material of the safety vest will increase the own protection in breakdowns or accidents. By wearing a vest you will perceived five times earlier. As a result, people can see you far away even in dark or bad weather. This can protect you from dangerous situation.

However, some people still hasn't attached great importance to the functions of wearing a safety clothing and think it is very unnecessary. Hope more and more people can realize the importance of wearing it and try their best to convince their relatives and friends to wear safety clothing too.

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