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Free safety vest for sanitation workers safety

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The sanitation work is a hard and dangerous work for workers because there are many risks on road, the cars on road are driving so fast and some environments of roads are dim at night. So the safety vest of sanitation work is very important, not only with the reflective tape on clothes, and the clothes are also used the bright yellow fabric, it can reflect the light can make sanitation workers to be seen easier from a distance. It plays a warning role to the vehicle, to protect the sanitation workers during the day and night.

In order to avoid the traffic hazards during the operation of sanitation workers, in fact, to provide them with security, Xi'an City Authority and Xi'an Datang schools held a love donation ceremony-"love sanitation workers, help city civilization"; Datang tutorial school presented a value of 1.2 million Yuan of security reflective vest to Xi'an 3 million sanitation workers. "This vest can make me more visibility when work on the roadside; the evening is also more eye-catching, so that drivers can note us." Put on the new vest of the moment, cleaning worker Mr. Yang is very excited.

It is reported that the donation of 30,000 security reflective clothing are all printed "cigarette butts do not fall, Xi'an is more beautiful," the words, Love Business executives said that the current Xi'an is vigorously promoting the "cigarette holder revolution" "toilet revolution" to carry out " More beautiful Floor of Xi'an "activities, hope that the whole society can establish a sense of respect for sanitation workers, pay attention to their safety, only a vest with reflective tape is not enough, understand their hard work, to maintain their fruits of labor, together to create" beautiful Xi'an. "

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