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Firefighters in safety clothing always appear in time

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  Firefighters wearing fire suits with reflective tape always appear at the time when the masses need help. 365 days, ready to go.

  A van rear-ended a car with 30 tons of diesel and sparked a fire. After receiving the call, the fire service officers rushed to the scene to deal with it. After an hour's rescue, the fire was completely contained. There were no casualties other than the driver of the diesel. Nearly at noon, outdoor temperature is more than 38 degrees. Fire officers and soldiers wear the safety clothes by reflective fabric still firmly stay at the scene. They are not leaving until confirming the equipment of diesel was securely transferred. And they have lasted in the hot sun for about 5 hours.

  In addition to facing the emergency event, reflective material firefighters still strengthened the training even though in hot weather to ensure that the travel mission can adapt to the hot weather. Training at high temperatures is harsh, but firefighters wearing safety suits by reflective material always try their best to keep the crowds safe.

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