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FR reflective tape to be used on FR garment

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  Each middle June – early July, eastern part of China will be in rainy season, during this period, you will feel moist and hot, even your furniture and floor in house will go moldy. So we have to keep our house in dry every day.

  Last Saturday, there is heavy rain in Hangzhou; some of the city was full of water, some of the people who lived in low-lying area. It is very dangerous for them to stay at home, in case the house is destroyed. In this case, firefighters who always wear orange color FR garment with flame retardant reflective tape (like, yellow-silver-yellow FR tape to be stitched on the garment) in the city is very busy, they have to work in the rain, to keep they are in safe place.

  Every time, when China has any disaster, like flood, earthquake or any house in fire, firefighters are always appeared in the place to help the person. For each accident, firefighters, police, always appeared at the place in first time. We can see clearly from the report that the entire person wear high visibility safety clothing with reflective heat transfer logo on the garment, some of firefighters will wear reflective coverall.

  Chinastars always supply flame retardant reflective tape. The most popular one is CSR-1303-FR, full silver color and CSR-1303-FR2Y, yellow-silver-yellow color. If you have any requirement, please contact us any time. 

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