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Essential equipment for riding-reflective vest

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During the day people are always busy at work. Night is the relaxing moments. So many people choose to do exercise at night, for example: running, dancing, cycling and so on. They are very popular. But we must remember to wear reflective safety vest to ensure our safe when we are doing such exercise at night.

In downtown of Los Angeles, riding become the decompression option at night for people, but there will inevitably be some accidents. Designer designed a reflective vest to reduce the car crashes .The co-efficient rate for reflective tape on safety vest is more than 400%, which can be eye-catching at night. And the City hopes the measurement will save lives.

In addition, the minimalist design and simple color of reflective vest make people stylish, it would be a pull-style goods. The reflective vest is also very convenient to carry, it can be fold into a compact bag, and you can easily take it. At the same time, let you enjoy the fun of riding at night.

reflective vest

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