Enjoy your safe summer with reflective tape

[ Click:2278 ]    [ by Ling, CHINASTARS  Jul 27, 2015 ]

There's nothing better than so many activities in summer. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in packing as much adventure and good times into the beautiful summer days, but forget about out safety. Many accidents happened, since people unaware of motorcyclists or riders, and that’s why the safety tips should be mentioned again and again.

Those motoring in a car or other passenger vehicle must remain alert for motorcycles on the high way. They can be hard to spot, and sometimes it’s difficult to judge their speed. We also recommend you to use reflective tape or reflective stickers on your clothing and on your motorcycle. Be aware of the blind spots cats and tricks have. Flash your brake light when you are slowing down and before stopping.

Most of people know that when people on boats they must wear life jackets, but not too many people realize it is also important to wear a safety jacket or safety vest on the road. They have the same effectiveness as the life jackets on the water that can protect your life and your families.

We love beautiful green mountains, glistening likes and rivers in summer. CNSS want everyone to enjoy them to the max, but be sure to always put safety first. Never have bad memories in a beautiful season, beautiful place.

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