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Dress reflective vest for safe

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    Sometimes you may see many cyclists with safety helmets and brightness vests on the road. They didn’t dress for fashion, but for safe. Because the vest they worn was sewed with reflective material, which can make driver notice them from a distance. Police said that the traffic accidents can be reduce if cyclists all wear reflective clothing when they riding on road especially at night.

    There is no specialized line for non-motor vehicle on road. However, according to traffic rules, bicycles do not allowed in sidewalk. Hence, they only can appear in motor vehicle line. The street is relatively narrow. For safety, traffic department requires rider should abide by the following two things, and then, they can ride with safety on the road. 

    First, should wear reflective vest. It is made by reflective fabric. There has no branch of its thickness, but the size. It should be worn on the outside especially at night. Children can wear the vest with M size. Now, more and more cyclists also tie up reflective tape on the foot or wrist, aiming to warning the drivers on the night.

    Then, don’t forget to check the safety equipments before riding, especially for the headlights, bells and reflective clothing. Blue head light and red back light shining at night; it can catch the driver’s attention in a distance to keep your safe.

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