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Do you know Reflective fire protection apparel

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Reflective tape in addition to apply to the jacket, down jacket, also apply to mountaineering clothing, ski wear, field uniforms, special clothing such as fire protective clothing. 

In our usual work clothes, the fire protection apparel always add reflective tape, it leave a more profound impression to us. In fact, except the common fire protection apparel, there are some work clothes with reflective tape that we have not seen, but it is there.

In Yantai, Shandong, it showed the fire equipment on the scene of fire safety publicity campaign. The fire vehicles and some special fire protection clothes are showed. These clothes are not only having different styles of color, but also have different functions.

Through the introduction of firefighter, we have a preliminary understanding of these fire protections clothing, such as silver color insulation clothing is using reflective material.

Mainly for heat radiation strong oil fires and gas fires, they can be isolated up to 800 degrees centigrade. The military green color fire protection apparel, similar to the home quilts, the mainly effect is isolated flame, to protect firemen into the fire scene in a short time, to rescue people and goods.

In addition, there is a red front-line rescue suits, mainly using in the earthquake relief, car accident rescue and other critical moments. Safety clothing with reflective fabric, It can reflective the light, so that firefighters will be safer in the process of rescue.

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