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Do one more step to bring the cleaner more happniess

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With the developing of the society. People pay more and more attention to their health condition, like having a piece of gum to eliminate the flavor after the meal. But after you finish chewing gum, how did you deal with it? Will you spit it on the ground directly or wrapped up with paper towel thrown into the trash can?

A few days ago, in the city property appeared a group of cleaner wearing with green reflective clothing, they do cleaning job every day, except that there is another task that is wiping out the chewing gum on the ground, after a whole day working, there will be around 6 kg of chewing gum be cleaned.

Not only sticky stick of chewing gum on the ground, even the garbage can often hung on the gum, it is possible that people want to vomit chewing gum into the trash can, but stuck out in the trash can, wipe cleaner in trash can, often stick of chewing gum on the gloves. Reporters found that used to chew gum, eat, vomit chewing gum citizens are mostly anywhere between 20 to 40 years old. Little imagine, such an uncivilized behavior, lead to those cleaners who wear a reflective vest workload increases a lot.

Watching the cleaners working with reflective work wear, will you in self-reflection. You only need to do one more step, you can greatly reduce their workload, bring them more happiness.

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