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Different colors of the reflective vest

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At the construction site, the reflective vest is often used as a protective suit with a safety helmet. The main body of the reflective vest used in the construction site is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, and the reflective material is reflective lattice or high visibility reflective fabric. The main products include chemical fiber reflective vest, chemical fiber fluorescent reflective vest, chemical fiber high reflective vest, TC PVC lattice reflective vest, TC knitted reflective vest, TC woven vest and so on.

The reflective vest is made of high visibility reflective material. It can make construction personnel, commanders, traffic policemen, or at night or special weather conditions successfully construct, command and duty, so as to reduce unnecessary casualties.

The reflective fabric on the reflective vest is made by using the principle of high refractive index glass bead regression and reflection, and by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect the light back to the luminescence, and has good retro reflection in the day and night. Especially in the evening, it can play the same high visibility in the daytime and make the night safer.

In the construction site, different personnel need to have different colors of reflective vests. The constructors are equipped with yellow reflective vests, and the managers are equipped with orange reflective vests, and outsiders are equipped with blue reflective vests. The rational use of the high visibility vest will greatly improve the safety of the personnel in the construction site.

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