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DIY your running wear with reflective fabric

[ Click : 5195 ] [ By Coco Lin ]

Nowadays many people go running for exercise at night time because the daytime is busy for work. The night is dark and the road is dangerous because the drivers can’t see clearly in the low visible environment. So runners will wear a extra reflective vest to keep their visible at night and keep themselves safer.

  As we all know, the usual reflective vest is simple and humdrum, so why not to make a reflective running wear with reflective fabric by yourself? Everyone like to wear the clothing which is fashion and comfortable, and we also hope the clothing can make us light at running time for keeping our safe, we can go to run with fashion clothing after DIY it with reflective tape. If you don’t know how to make a good DIY design, there are some advise for your reference.

  You can cut a reflective fabric with a fashion logo and sew it on your clothes, or use the reflective piping sews on the edge of T-shirt or short-pants. About the running shirt, you can change the shoulder girdle by reflective tape, the reflective printing fabric for clothing is also a good idea.

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