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Cyclist Safety : From head to foot

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We can always see a group of cyclists passing by wearing a fashionable helmet. Most of them know the importance to protect the head from any injury. But what about the rest of your ensemble ? A safety vest, glove, shoe will also be necessary. This is a whole set safety gear.

Regardless of the cycling discipline, safety starts at the head and continues all the way down to the toes. So it is high time for us to not just focus on our head protection. The other protections such as body protection, hand protection and footwear protection should be taken into consideration too. Body protection means cyclist should also wear a high visibility reflective vest. This reflective vest can help ensure you are seen and send a clear message that you should be given a wide berth. Hand protection means cyclist should wear a pair of professional gloves. As we all know, after some time cycling, we will sweat a lot, therefore our hands will become slippery and easy to lost control of direction. A professional glove will solve this problem easily. By choosing a cycling shoes with an appropriate size and it will make you feel comfortable.

Actually, the reflective material as a body protection has a widely using field. We can also wearing it and running or walking at the night. So cool.

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