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Cycling to office in reflective safety vest

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Last week, we cooperated with the bank CMBC and hold a cycling activity wearing our CNSS reflective safety vest, with lime green printed logo and number. This year was the 15th anniversary of CMBC.

They came to the office building at 6 O’clock in the morning, and the staff of C-store was surprised to see so many customers came into the store in Fluorescent lime green safety vest. Actually, they attract a lot of attention on their way to the destination.

Although cycling to office has becoming a new trend due to the traffic jam in Hangzhou, few people are fully aware of the importance of wearing reflective vest or clothing with reflective tape on road, especially in dark or low light conditions.

It was good to see staff of CMBC wore the safety garment in their anniversary activities. It can not only attract people’s attention to know more about CMBC, but also advocate them to wear reflective clothing to increase roadway visibility. This is a good and efficient way to prevent traffic accident on road. And government or enterprises shall pay more attention to advocate or stress the importance of wearing high visibility clothing in our social life.

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